Lie With Me-A Canadian Movie

Last night I watched Canadian romantic drama Lie With Me. I couldn’t like that film much. There was nothing much for me but lots of sex scenes, meaningless romance and complicated story. I’ve not watched full movie but watched ending and it seemed happy ending which is good thing but I’ve no positive feedabck for rest of Lie With Me. Even name of movie is so teasing “Lie With Me”. Don’t mind my Canadian buddies but it is a dead serious fact that Canada isn’t a good place for movies as much as America is. That’s why most of great Canadian actor moved to States for better future. Again I’d love to write that its what I love about America that you can’t make a movie like they do. So unfortunatley and honestly I’d not like to recommend Lie With Me to you guys but if you’re interested in seeing sex scenes or half porn movie then it’s a good movie for you. But for me that was one of time waster movies. I don’t even like to review that kind of low class films. But also it is a fact that my reviews are my personal opinions and thoughts so surely even these can be wrong hundred percent so never mind, guys.


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