Classical Movies I Loved Especially Rocky

So today I was asked to check classical films from 70s while I’m not finding a nice movie from current times. First of all I would love to mention all time great movie Rocky with my most favorite film celebrity Sylvester Stallion. I watched all parts of Rocky movies and loved them. After getting suggestion from fellow blogger I looked for movies from 70s and came to know about some really great ones. I will check them later and will do my best to watch them. But about Rocky its so special because I believe that Sylvester Stallion is not only an actor, screenwriter, film director and producer just but he is a man with great heart and awesome soul. I really feel and see love for humanity in his movies. Most of his movies are about protecting people from evil powers. I’ve watched some other old movies too but I don’t think so that they are old enough as much as Rocky is. When I was in village I watched Rocky movies again and again. I loved them a lot. I’ve many recommendations now. I’m so grateful to my lovely fellow bloggers. Now I need much time to decide and make choices.


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