How To Find Best Movies?

Yeah, I’m clueless and I’ve done everything to find a nice and professionally made film but all in vain. Maybe that is because I’ve watched enough movies already. But I’m sure that still there would many great films which I’ve not seen yet and I need to watch them badly. I just need to watch an awesome movie to gain energy and power for my soul. That can be strange but it is a dead serious fact that great movies help me a lot to keep my soul alive. No wonder what genres they are but they should be made professionally and passionately. Professionalism and hard work impress me always. Movies like The Shawshank Redemption, Devil’s Advocate, Man On A Ledge, Shooter, Ted, She’s The Man,  Step Up, Heat, The Transporter, Wrong Turn, Fantastic Four, Bad Boys, How To Train Your Dragon, Up, Epic etc are great examples of professionalism. I always felt so great when I watched a nice movie especially The Shawshank Redemption and Shooter affect me much. I’m sure that still there would be many great movies like mentioned ones. I’d love to see them. My soul, heart and mind need to watch those movies. Thanks to Hollywood and other big film industries for making such great movies which help us to feel better.


15 thoughts on “How To Find Best Movies?”

  1. Shawshank Redemption inspired me to start donating books to prison libraries. It is such a wonderful and touching film. If you liked that one and have not yet seen The Green Mile, I recommend it.
    My favorite movie is Jacob’s Ladder. It’s a little dark, but it is very interesting and is the sort of movie one could watch again and again and pick up on different things they may have missed before.
    Good luck to you on your search. 🙂

    1. yeah right. Thats a really good thing which started after watching the movie. Thanks for recommendations. I was recomended for green mile before too so surely i ll give it a chance. Thanks again and regards

  2. Golgo 13, the Professional is the First animated feature film about the the assassin ‘Duke Togo’ based on the manga. There is also a sequal, and a TV series. And an earlier live action version that looks pretty bad, but terrible movies can be a great time too.

    And now that I’m thinking about Japenese live action films there is always Battle Royale and the Deathnote movies, or art house Samurai movies.

    Or you could entirely switch gears and check out Clint Eastwood classic Westerns.

  3. Darling little brother, how are you? 🙂

    You really love movies so much and it comes through in your posts. I loved the movie, Identity Theft! So so funny!! 🙂 The weather is getting warmer and I’m soooo happy. Sakura and I send you our love and many hugs, Big Sis xxxxxx

  4. Movies are a great way to escape from life’s troubles. I’ve been getting into French films lately since I’m trying to learn to speak French and there are a TON of them on Netflix for me to watch.

    I love How to Train Your Dragon! Have you ever seen The Iron Giant? FANTASTIC animated film that didn’t get enough recognition. Everybody I know from art school is obsessed with it.

    1. wow, Heather is here. Good to see you on wordpress again. Yeah, right. I agree with you. I’m sure you’d love French movie High Tension. Horror one that is. I’d try to see iron giant. Thanks a lot, Heather.

      1. haha yeah I’ve been slacking!
        Actually I haven’t been slacking…I’ve just been working really hard and am tired when I was usually blogging before, but I love to write and also to read about other people’s lives so I am going to make an effort to come back haha!

        I’ll have to check out High Tension. Hopefully it’s on Netflix so I can watch it 🙂

        Definitely do see the Iron Giant…so awesome!

      2. hahaha! Don’t worry, I do!
        It’s more the waking up really early that’s doing it…but one more day before the weekend where I plan to sleep a lot! 🙂

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