Valkyrie-A Historical War Movie: Tom Cruise After Hitler

Yesterday I watched Valkyrie and loved this film. It is not easy to make that type of movies. First I thought it was a  fiction just but when they showed Hitler then I came to know that it was closer to real things happened that time. I’ve no idea that what they showed was real or fake but Valkyrie really touched my heart. That event happened actually but I’m no one to judge or decide that who was right; mission Valkyrie or Hitler? But Valkyrie movie shows that mission Valkyrie was right and was in favor of Germany. Not only Germany but Valkyrie was in favor of Europe, America even whole world because it happened in great World War 2. Berlin was burning so few army officers and politicians decided to stop it and took a great risk. Valkyrie is a really lovely I’ve seen in months you can say.

German people can better tell that what happened was right or not. But as an individual and with having my freedom of thought I would like to write that I would love to salute those people who planned Valkyrie. Still I admit that I got no actual information but my thoughts and emotions are after watching Valkyrie. Whatever happened that time but it is pleasant that Europe isn’t like that now. No boundaries and no enemies. Relationships have developed among nations and countries. In the world I love American people most and in Europe I love German people most.

There is no doubt in this thing that Tom Cruise played his role awesomely and it really suited to me. Another awesome thing about Valkyrie movie is that they showed some really awesome forests and natural places in the movie which I loved. I wish I could go there and could feel nature there.  I would love to more information about the event they showed in Valkyrie. If a German person or any other person has more detailed information then share it please.


6 thoughts on “Valkyrie-A Historical War Movie: Tom Cruise After Hitler”

  1. I watched this awhile back, the reason was it was based on a true story. I have seen facts about this on the history channel and read about it in a few books over the years

  2. Germany is a lovely country now and the people very friendly but the 3rd Reich was a nightmare. I was stationed there while in the Army in the mid 1980s for 3 years and never succeeded in getting any of the older folk to talk about it. As for the younger people, they denied it had even happened. They don’t teach much about it in their schools. Even with the concentration camps still open for tourists to see, only tour guides will even acknowlege they existed. Sounds like Valkeries was a good movie. I’d like to see it. History, good or bad, is worth knowing so to learn from it. Maybe I can find it on Netflix. Meanwhile, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. Go and check my blog for details.

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