Pursuit of Happyness-A Movie But A Real Story Too

Today I finished watching Pursuit of Happyness starring fabulous actor Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith. They played their their awesomely. Pursuit of Happyness is a true story of Chris Gardener. Also I’d love to appreciate film director and screenwriter but when it comes to real story then personally I don’t appreciate screenwriters. Pursuit of Happyness is a real life story. I didn’t know that before watching the movie.when I came to know about that fact then first thing I thought was “O, yeah. Surely reality is much stranger than fiction”. I’m loving to review Pursuit of Happyness and I really want you guys to see this movie if you’ve not seen before. I’m sure you will love the film. That is movie which you can’t stop watching until it ends. Movies like Pursuit of Happyness give courage and great motivation even to a down person. You feel energetic after watching that kind of films. That’s why I love writing movie reviews that I could tell other people about beauties of movies.


10 thoughts on “Pursuit of Happyness-A Movie But A Real Story Too”

      1. Yes, they are. I didn’t go to movies for such a long time because I thought they were a worthless waste of time. Then I went to go see “A Beautiful Mind” and I was pulled into the delusion, firmly believing it, fighting for the delusion and when I figured out that it was how a schizophrenic’s mind worked I was astounded. That movie changed my perspective on mental illness and opened up compassion for those who battle it. What a gift that was to me.

      2. never watched that movie but once recommended by my sweetest cousin for a beautiful mind. Give a chance to the shawshank redemption and devil’s advocate.

      3. Ok will do when I have the time. I was so enthralled by that movie I am going to now download the book to my kindle.

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