Dexter-I Usually Hear and Read About

Dexter is an American TV drama series and it is really popular not only in America but all around the world even in Pakistan people love to see this series. I’ve never watched Dexter even its is about detective and am really into detective movies you know but I’ve not watched this TV series. Even when I was younger especially in my high school and college years I used to watch TV dramas a lot but then I had no internet and computer etc so dramas were a big entertainment for me but now all I see films and films.  If I’m not tired physically then I can’t sleep without watching a good movie. Sometimes I think I should start to watch highly popular TV series like Dexter etc but then I stop myself to do that. I couldn’t give much time to fiction. I’ve been giving much already in form of movies. I’ve to deal with reality too. You know we always have to balance our lives to live happily.


6 thoughts on “Dexter-I Usually Hear and Read About”

  1. Dexter is very interesting because it leaves you feeling conflicted about the protagonist. Sometimes you root for him, and then you have to wonder about yourself. I HIGHLY recommend the first three seasons. In my opinion, it seems to be tumbling downhill from there, but it is still very good. The only trouble I have with it is that it can be very gory and I do not have the strong stomach I once had.

  2. I watched the first few seasons of Dexter, but never made it past the first few seasons. It was a good show. I like the point you made about not being too caught up in fiction and focusing on reality with your time 🙂

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