“Self-Made Warden”-My Screenplay 2nd Page


Robin Smith’s walking tooking Jack Christie on his shoulder,
a typical killer and psycho’s walk.


Robin enters,Jack’s still on his shoulder,he heads towards
his minni van,opens back portion of luggage and shoves Jack
into that portion,hopes in driving seat,starts.

Garage’s door opens and van exits from the garage,now Robin
removes mask and then press remote’s button to close door.


Robin drives slowly,leaves behind his house.


Robin’s van is running,then a place where’s dark and no sign
of any living thing,van stops at side in woods,Robin again
wears mask and hopes out,opens luggage portion.

He stares at Jack’s unconcious body then grabs him out and
shoves at ground,no motion.Robin hopes in and removes mask,
a dirty smiling and guns away.


A pretty and attractive,early 30s but looks younger,
ERICA is dancing on a sexy song,seducing Robin Smith
who’s sittong on bed,watching her curiously.

She comes closer to him,seducing,slapping hands all
over her body and then on his face,chest,kisses him.


Love made,Robin and Erica are in bed-cover on bed then
Robin leaves bed,watches her,both smiles,he heads
towards bathroom,enters.

Door closed,after few moments we hear voice of showering,
then Erica sits and searches her and there,then she grabs
Robin’s pants,grabs walt.

She opens walt and grabs a currency not of 100 and hides
it under pillow on bed and goes under bed-cover.

After few moments Robin emerges from bathroom wrapped by
towel,wears his dress and smiles at her,she smiles back
too then he heads out from room.Off Erica’s smile.


8 thoughts on ““Self-Made Warden”-My Screenplay 2nd Page”

  1. Robin is a very naughty boy! 🙂
    He kidnaps someone…then makes love to someone as if he’s done thinking wrong!
    Your typical bad guy, right? 🙂
    Hmmm like to see where this goes, little brother! Like to read more. I’m in Melbourne for 1 week in a small country town. Its Soooo
    Peaceful. Love to you, Big Sis xxxxxx

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