Bambi 2-A Nice Animated Movie

Few days ago I watched Bambi 2 and liked it. Animation gets appreciation from me most of times. I loved animated movies usually such as How To Train Your Dragon, Up, The Croods, Epic etc. I’ve not loved Bambi 2 but I liked it without any doubt. A nice story with a message of love to innocent animals and birds. Save the nature mom. Bambi 2 are made in 2D format and its era of 3D so maybe it’s a reason too that I couldn’t love this animated film much. Bambi 2 is one of those animated films which tell us importance of family and friends. I’m not sure that adults would like the movie but I’m sure that kids would love it.


6 thoughts on “Bambi 2-A Nice Animated Movie”

  1. Thank you for your comments about “Bambi 2.” I saw the original “Bambi” when I was a child but I did not now about “Bambi 2” until I read your post and looked the film up on the Internet Movie Database.. I loved the original “Bambi.” It’s my favorite animated movie of all time. I’m sure that “Bambi 2” is a wonderful film too.

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