20 Days Without Internet

You guys know that I hadn’t awesome facility of internet from 4th of October to 23rd October. Oh my God. I can’t explain my experiences and feelings which I had without internet for twenty days. I hadn’t much to do but walking around or laying and sitting uselessly. That was really useless time of my life. Depression and tension were killing me. I was in real “Shawshank” and I really needed “Redemption” (you can understand the sentence if you’ve watched The Shawshank Redemption). I was so helpless. No relationships and love. Family issues and no connection with friends. That all was because I had no connection with internet. It is true that too much use of internet can be injurious to health and family life but also it is a dead serious fact that you can’t imagine a modern life without internet. I don’t have fast internet so I couldn’t read your blogs and posts but just could post my thoughts. I’m really sorry, guys. But I’ll do my best to get faster internet connection that I could resume my WordPress life.


12 thoughts on “20 Days Without Internet”

  1. It’s true, it is a modern world and no matter what people say we live in a social network society!
    How would I have ever met you from Aus without it or vice versa and to all of your other followers, right? How cool and amazing is that? Hugs and I’m glad your able to express your feelings and not let Depression in. Hugs Big Sis and Sakura. xxxxxxx

  2. LOL. And to think I somehow survived growing up without internet! Of course, you can’t miss what you’ve never had. Since I discovered it, the world has become a MUCH smaller place. We can now talk instantly with anyone in any part of the globe. So I feel your pain and I’m glad you made it back safely to our little world here.

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