A Day In Peshawar

Yesterday I went Peshwar which is capital city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. That traveling was a favor for my cousin to bring his migration certificate for further studies. First I was confused and afraid to travel Peshawar because last month three bomb attacks happened there just in a week. That’s so scary. But I had to go and more I had previous experience about Peshawar. I went there two times before and I felt great there. Even most of foreigners especially English writers and travelers praised Pakhtuns. I love them for their simplicity, bravery and self respect. You won’t see beggars in Pakhtun society as compare to other societies. Educated Pakhtuns playing major role in development of Pakistan but also uneducated Paktuns (Taliban etc) have ruined this country. But also it is a fact that they are uneducated and misguided but they are fair and honest like other Pakhtuns. All Pakhtuns strict when its about women issues. Pakhtuns say welcome to guests warmly and treat invaders so badly.


A sweet person named Ali guided me so well and I bothered him a lot. He was waiting there for me. You’re in Peshawar and you can’t speak or understand Pashto then you’re in great trouble. That’s what happened to me but thanks God that a soldier met me who did chit chat with me. Pakhtun people are famous for their bravery and hospitality. The soldier was in good mood. I smiled and said to him that maybe he was going home on vocations. He nodded and said “Six months”. “That’s a long time” I said. Only that solider was who spoke with me in Urdu because he had experience about Urdu while he would be in army. He was a first and sweet impression about city of Peshawar.


At last I met Ali and we headed towards the destination. He took short leave from his office and gave me his vital time and concern. We walked for getting things together for migration certificate and you know that I love walking. At last we got things done and it was lunch time there. I wasn’t hungry but I supposed to owe Ali so I decided to thank him by taking lunch with him and on the other hand he was on his mission of hospitality. We entered Islamia College which was a gift from English government to peope of Peshawar that time. We sat in canteen and ordered Kabuli Palao and Lobia Makroni. I wasn’t hungry but when I smelled the food and drank Peshawari water then hungr raised inside me and I started to eat and loved it.

After lunch we walked out and headed towards bus stop talking about different topics. Then I sat on bus to get vehicle for my city and Ali headed towards his office. I don’t think so that I could include well my feelings and emotions for my journey of Peshawar. But I tried to do that. Thanks to Ali.


4 thoughts on “A Day In Peshawar”

  1. I loved reading this! It’s interesting to hear about Pakistan from an insider’s perspective. Thanks so much for writing this so I could learn a little more about Pakistan 🙂

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