I Wrote To White House-Washington DC

I don’t remember exact year and date but around four or five years ago I sent an email to White House through its official website. You know what I wrote them? I was so crazy and fool. I asked them to give me visa to come America. But strange thing was for me which has become stranger for me that they responded me as it was written there that reply would be possible in 48 hours I think. They replied me that they weren’t supposed to issue me a visa for States but I could contact US Embassy in Pakistan.

I didn’t know then that what thing I had done but now I think and compare things then it seems so strange and amazing to me. That’s why I wanna share it with you. I wrote to most powerful authority of the world and got response too. I wasn’t happy that much then as much as I’m now to think about the incident. I was crazy for America like Pakistani guy in The Reluctant Fundamentalist but I wasn’t and still am not looking at money. But still American strand of people and society attracts me. They have high level of civic sense. But I don’t see my future life in US society but who knows. Maybe Europe.


6 thoughts on “I Wrote To White House-Washington DC”

  1. I think that is so cool. I have never written the White House, so I didn’t know that they actually respond to civilian correspondence.

    Don’t give up on your dream of coming to the US, at least for a visit. I dream of someday traveling the world. It seems that it will be forever out of the budget, but you never know… someday. 🙂

    1. aw thanks a lot. They replied to me. They weren’t supposed to because I wasnt a US citizen. But thats their professionalism and kindness. I applied for US student visa more than a year ago but rejected 😦 thanks again

    1. awwwwww bro and sis. I love ya very much. No doubt no doubt. Dreams can come true and am sure that gonna happen. Its really really nice to see your words here on my blog.

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