Bounty Killers Killed My Time

Yeah, I wasted my time because I’ve time to waste but you guys don’t waste your time in watching Bounty Killer. That’s an action thriller movie. But I don’t think so that even kids would appreciate that film. I’ve not liked much of Bounty Killers but I’d love to share a scene with you guys when Gypsies got the leading character then he tells his gun carry that women are so complicated. Yeah that’s true. I think so.Overall Bounty Killers is a movie which you can watch when its about rating then you will not rate it higher. There is too much action, a bit good story, a bit comedy, romance, love etc but I don’t why the movie couldn’t impress me much. If guys have seen Bounty Killers then maybe you can tell better about.


2 thoughts on “Bounty Killers Killed My Time”

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