The Wolverine Movie Review

Weeks ago I watched The Wolverine. That’s part of X-Men movies. Hugh Jackman played leading role of Wolverine in the film. I can’t write that I loved The Wolverine but I won’t hesitate to write that I liked this movie. I’ve wacthed just two of X-Men movies and I loved them. There is no doubt in this thing that Hugh Jack is suitable actor for role of Wolverine. X-Men movies are famous and popular all around the world especially in developed and civilized societies. It was really nice to when The Wolverine took revenge for bear killed by some notorious men. That was a great touch of humanity and sympathy for poor animals. I don’t say that thing thing should happen in real life but that type of people should be punished who harm innocent and harmless animals and birds. They destroy nature. Nowadays my kitten really teases. I don’t mind but it really sucks when she teases while I’m eating or typing on keyboard. But everyone has right to live free. Wherever people don’t care about others rights life sucks there.

The Wolverine is about humanity, law & order, friendship and other good feelings which are necessary for human societies. People need to understand importance and vitality of humanity otherwise this beautiful world gonna suck.


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