Obama Can’t Use iPhone

Few days ago I read a news that American President Barack Hussain Obama can’t use iPhone. I’ve no idea that why is that but what I got from that is how much authorities and power you’ve, that much careful you need to be. Same that is with believer of God. Anyone who believes in God gets a hard and challenging life. He can’t act like normal people as every person of the world can use I phone but Obama can’t because he is President of America. Any person can afford an affair but Bill Clinton couldn’t afford it because he was President of United States of America. When you want success and something special in your life then you need to follow some special rules and laws which normal people don’t follow. I think I couldn’t express what I meant because I’m depressed mentally. No concentration. But I believe my wise readers would get that what I wanted to tell.


10 thoughts on “Obama Can’t Use iPhone”

  1. Oh My darling, little brother!

    I’ve missed you and wondered how you’ve been keeping? Life has kept me away from blogging but I hope to be able to do a bit more from now on. I’m here and I’m sorry you are feeling so poorly. I do get what you meant and it’s so very true. They really do lead such different lives than that of the norm. In my recent blog post you are one of the people I was referring to about meeting through Word Press. You have been there for me throughout the year and I hug and thank you for it. I hope the day gets better and Sakura and I hug you for comfort. Smile little brother, we love you. Big Sis xxxxxx

    1. aw thanks a lot, big sis. I’m mentally upset. Learning things. Life is teaching me and you know that lessons are hard to learn always so I’m learning and have been passion through hard time but I believe time will change soon. Best wishes and have an awesome weekend. Hugs for you and kisses for Sakura

      1. Stay strong and optimistic, little brother. We never stop learning and that’s why sometimes life can be challenging. You my darling little brother are a wonderful soul and you will make it. Believe in yourself, I believe in you. Hugs back from us both. xxxxxx

      1. yeah, true. God is everywhere. we can find Him anywhere but stars are unbelievable. They can mess the universe up easily any time but they are bounded. Theres Someone Who controls them.

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