Bankok Dangerous Movie Review

There is no doubt in this thing that Nicolas Cage is a brilliant Hollywood actor but I can’t write that Bangkok Dangerous is a superb action thriller film. I think they could make a better movie with that story but this movie couldn’t touch my heart. You know that I love professionally made movies especially action thriller. For watching romantic and comedic films I try Bollywood. They are good at romance and comedy and I love Hollywood for action, thriller and horror movies. I’m not sure that you guys would like that movie but if you love traveling and exploring or you’ve traveled Bangkok, Thailand then maybe you would like it.  Otherwise I don’t have a well reason to recommend Bangkok Dangerous.


3 thoughts on “Bankok Dangerous Movie Review”

  1. What a shame as he’s such a good actor, right?
    Thailand and Bangkok are very relaxing places and great for shopping. 🙂
    How are you feeling now, Little Brother? You’ve been in my thoughts. I hug you and hope things have gotten a little bit better. Love from Sakura and Me! HUgs Big Sis xxxxxx

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