Making A Decision Wasn’t Hard But Now It is

My life has been passion through hard and challenging. It becomes harder when you get choices and you’ve to choose. That thing makes afraid to take a decision. You get scared of being failed. You don’t want to be disappointed in future because of you decision or step taken. I’m at that point. I’ve choices but now I don’t have courage to take a step. I’m just so desperate and afraid. I saw and experienced scary face of life in past years. Even now circumstances and conditions aren’t nice for me but I can understand that whats going on with me. I’ve an idea that whats happening with me. I lost my imagination power or its not that much strong now. I need to struggle. I need to work hard. But also I’m tired. I’m fed up of things happening to me. I need God’s help now. I can see light. I’ve hope but I’ve fear too. Fear to lose again. I don’t want that happen again.  Soon I’ll be 28 years old. Few days to go. But what I’ve got? Just experiences. Desires are cause of fear in our lives. I know that so this why I’ve been trying to remove desires from my mind and heart but surely I can’t help with my needs. None of us can do that.


12 thoughts on “Making A Decision Wasn’t Hard But Now It is”

  1. Nafees, I love your honesty here, and we can all relate to what you are going through. What does anyone have anyway but experiences? You are still so young at 28 and you will gain even more experiences and more wisdom as you grow older. Blessings 🙂

  2. About to go to bed and saw your post. Had to check on my little brother. 🙂
    We all have fears of failure etc Nafees, but never give up on you! I can imagine life is very tough at times for you and as for your desires? It’s natural to feel this way and don’t let anyone tell you any different!! You are young handsome and bright Nafees and one day you will get the peace and love you so deserve. Choices are all a part of life and if it doesn’t turn out the way you intended it to? That’s okay, try again. Don’t like my little brother feeling so lost. I’m sending you love and hgs from Me and Sakura. Hugs Big Sis xxxxx

      1. And to you, little brother. I spent yesterday in bed with food poisoning. I ate bad seafood not that I knew it at the time. Today I’m tired but all better. 🙂 You’re in my thoughts and I hope things get easier for you. Hugs from me and Sakura. xx

  3. Nafees you’re a vital asset to this world and also in God’s eyes. We’re all so very proud of you for your accomplishments thus far and those yet to come. Don’t ever give up on yourself because you truly are a talented writer. Please continue pushing yourself ahead and stay motivated; although I understand how that may be difficult at times. May God bless you immensely!

    Have a wonderful 28th birthday!

  4. Someone used to tell me that failure isn’t failure — it’s just feedback about the process. It’s hard not to take it personally and think it says something about you — but it doesn’t. You are an awesome Son of the Most High, Nafees. And you’re kind. I believe good things are coming your way, and we are all pulling for you! 😀

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