Secret of Success

Few days ago I watched a tv program Aik Din Geo Key Sath on GEO News which is a top news channel in Pakistan. I wont talk about their credibility because its not my topic right but I loved the program which was about Japan and Japanese people. I love exploring new things, new places and new people. The anchor met a billionaire Pakistani businessman who has been living in Japan. They talked about qualities of Japanese people and Japanese life. The anchor asked the businessman that how Pakistani nation can become developed and successful like Japanese nation?. “They should stop lying”. Pakistani businessman replied. In few words he told secret of success and development. I’m sure that all developed and civilized nations follow that rule and all backward societies don’t follow path of truth. More I got from the program that Japanese live so simple life. They sell cars to other people but they use bicycles themselves. Maybe you guys can find that program in Youtube if they’ve uploaded it there. Youtube is banned here in Pakistan otherwise I could find and could put the link of that program here in my post. More you guys would have better knowledge about the topic.


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