Extremism in Pakistan and India

Today I was walking back to home and passed by few street guys talking about an incident. A guy was talking that a girga (group of few main persons of a village or tribe) in an Indian state decided that now no unmarried woman would have a cell phone but if she does so then she would be responsible for anything happen to her. That’s just an example of extremism and nonsense in India and Pakistan too because of most of Pakistani men think and want like that. That street guy was appreciating that decision taken by Indian girga. Also that incident reminded another incident happened in Pakistani tribal area around two years ago. A tribal guy got killed because he had taken picture of a tribal girl with his cell phone camera. Then girga banned usage of cell phones with cameras in that reign. Those incidents are nothing much to describe low level of civic sense of people living in Sub Continent but right now I’ve nothing to write so I’m writing those incidents. I can’t confirm incident happened in India because I heard that from a street guy but I assure you about incident happened in Pakistan because I read that myself on BBC website. God bless the world. Where the hell human beings going even this modern and electronic age. New Year is coming. Lets hope for a new world. A peaceful, educated, civilized and fair world.


8 thoughts on “Extremism in Pakistan and India”

  1. Extremism is a treath to humanity and all the goals achieved. Let us fight this and not only hope for, but work for (as you say) a peaceful, educated, civilized and fair world.

  2. I am saddened when this happens around the world. I don’t understand why we cannot all live in harmony and create a peaceful existence! Thanks for this post! Take care, Robin

  3. That is some strange logic. Here people want women to have cell phones so they can call for help if they think something might happen to them. I agree, lets hope for more common sense in the world in the New Year.

    1. yeah I hope so too. Here we’ve many strange things even they dont seem strange to me now lol I got used to them 😀 good to see you again. I hope everything is fine there

  4. Those girga guys were insecure, low self-esteem dicks. Nothing else!
    How sad and pathetic. Thank you for this insightful post. It’s really interesting to read of how some people still think in this day and age at some parts of the world.

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