Job Hunting

Yesterday I was on job hunt then fortunately I found written “workers required”. That was written outside a book store. I jumped in and asked shopkeeper about the job. Below is conversation between shopkeeper and me.

Me: You need guys to work on your shop?

Shopkeeper. Yeah. Who wants job?

Me: Me.

Shopkeeper: Have you experience?

Me: Yeah, I worked on an electronic shop for two months.

Shopkeeper: But you couldn’t handle here because English skills needed here. Most of books covers are in English.

Me: Not a problem for me. I’m good at English and also I’ve a bachelor degree.

Shopkeeper: We need experienced guy. You know it takes long time to train a new guy. You should work on electronic shop.

He was refusing me but was telling a lie to do that. He wasn’t straight forward.

Shopkeeper: If we couldn’t find an experienced guy then we will hire you. Come and ask after one or one and half week later.

I knew that he was lying in a typical Pakistani way. He wasn’t gonna hire me even he had no plan to do that. If he had plan to hire me then he needed to get my cell number to contact me but he didn’t. I left the shop thinking. After some time it came into my mind that it was my second time to come on that shop for job. First time I came there around one year or more time ago. Then the shopkeeper didn’t hire me too and suggested me to get a government job.  This time he was a bit rude and rough. Few months ago that kind of another incident happened when I visited another book store to get job there. That shopkeeper had no problem in hiring me but when I asked him about terms and conditions then he became stubborn. He told that I would come on job at 8 A.M and would leave on 8 P.M. But he didn’t tell anything about pay even I insisted. “Join us and work for three days then we would decide about pay” He said. Those aren’t strange incidents but I shared them with you guys because I’ve nothing new and exciting to tell. But I need to speak. I wanna speak. I need to write. I want to talk. So I’ve done. I’m feeling relaxed now. Thanks for listening me.


15 thoughts on “Job Hunting”

  1. Nafees why are the shopkeepers so stubborn when they need a worker? Perhaps you can explain more about Pakistani society. It’s quite interesting to those of us who have never been there

  2. Darling Little brother, Always speak your mind and we are listening. It must be frustrating when this happens especially when you’re so willing to work and not getting anywhere. Persistence beats resistance little brother. Sakura and me love you and wish you and your loved ones all the very best in 2014! Happy New Year to you. I’m wishing that 2014 will bring you all the love peace and happiness you so deserve, little brother! Love you and wrapping my arms around you for the New Year! Hugs Big Sis xxxxxxxx

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