If you promote art you become America and if you restrict art you become Afghanistan. There is no rocket science involved in that. Art is very necessary for human soul. Every form of art is important. Art means painting, art means singing, art means music, art means poetry, art means movies, art means films, art means writing and so on. United States of America respects every talent including art so here we’ve a super power where life lives fully. On the other hand Afghanistan doesn’t have that ideal situation and condition for art so all we’ve war and war there. No development, no humanity, no progress even nothing is there humanity could be proud of. Human soul needs freedom as much as human body needs. Human soul has needs as well as human body has.


10 thoughts on “Art”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, in America, when a budget gets cut in schools, one of the first programs to go is the humanities. This encompasses the art forms- including music,. the very things that inspire our soul. I’m afraid these specialties may eventually be reserved for the rich, who can afford these classes.
    Symphonies and opera halls are not getting enough donors. It is often the older generation that sustains them. I don’t hear of the young billionaires supporting them. Instead, they seem to constantly promote more technology, that often separates and alienates them from one another. This makes saddens me. Eliminating these vital elements from the culture, the parts of us that come alive with sound, color and words, the ones that make us feel our sensitivity, will make us a less humane and compassionate world.

  2. In Canada and America funding to the arts may get cut at times but it’s still supported. One big way it is supported and funding hardly ever cut is through support of universities, where the arts grow and are valued.

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