Socrates and Happiness

Once someone asked Socrates that why he hadn’t been worried anytime? “I’ve nothing to lose”. Socrates relied simply. You’ve nothing. That seems negative. That seems disappointing. But when you think that you’ve nothing to lose then its positive. That’s encouraging and amazing to feel. That’s what great Greek philosopher Socrates used to think and feel. Having nothing makes you suicide attempter. That’s why surely its hard to handle that situation and condition. At that point you can make your life happiest ever. But also that time you can risk, you can mess your life and you can destroy all the happiness. That’s why having nothing is so sensitive too. But there is no doubt that in that condition you feel like in the air. Nothing to worry about. Once I read an article by a Pakistani columnist and he wrote that if all suicide attepmters think a while before attempting that coward action then they can live happiest life. Sometimes People get disappointed deeply because of love, family, relationships and other issues then they don’t find a solution but death. They get rid of life because they don’t know beauty of life. Life isn’t about only one thing so never get disappointed when you can’t get it.

7 thoughts on “Socrates and Happiness

  1. Life is the place for working things out. It doesn’t happen afterwards. It just remains unsettled. Suicide is giving up. But having nothing to lose can mean no chains to bind you. That can be a good thing. Never give up.

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