What Saves and Builds A Society

Few weeks ago I heard in news that American’s police arrested Indian ambassador in States. That became a big issue but I didn’t know real story that what happened. Then few days ago one of my friends told me that what happened actually. That was a great news for me. Supremacy of law and order. You can’t become cruel easily because you’re strong or you’ve power. That’s a message from society of States. They didn’t care about that they were dealing an official from Indian High Commission in America. They were taking that step for a weak person who was not US citizen too but law is law and you can’t break it easily if you’re in States. That incident isn’t just a common incident but it’s a message, it’s a lesson from United States of America, not only for individuals but for societies, for nations and for countries that you can’t become superpower is law isn’t superpower for you. Look at all developed and civilized societies like Norway, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, UK, Netherlands etc. You would find one thing common that law is superpower there and no one even most powerful people don’t have right to break it. If they do so they would get punished. But in third world countries situation is totally different. I think I don’t need to write the story because maybe you’d have heard that before or now you can search it over the internet.


6 thoughts on “What Saves and Builds A Society”

  1. My perspective on that particular story is that the law was adhered to through the strength of a few officials who had the will to do what they thought was right.

    By contrast take the case of the teenage boy in Texas who drove drunk, killed four people, and was sentenced to probation and rehab in a posch facility that his wealthy parents were ordered by the court to pay for. Had he been non-white and poor he would be sitting in prison for the rest of his life.

    Unfortunately, as an American looking at my own society I see that we have a long way to go in bringing justice to all as promised.

    Though, it’s not all bad news all the time. We have made some significant strides in the last century or two. Justice I suppose is a perpetual work in progress.

    Thanks for the thought provoking post.


  2. Unfortunately, although that is the ideal, that is not always true. In the United States, the most people in jail are the poor and multi-racial. Poor people can’t afford attorneys and have to take a public defender. It takes money to defend yourself in the United States. Yes, sometimes the law holds, but if your popular enough and rich enough, the law doesn’t seem to matter as much – most of the time. I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie An American Tale. It’s a children’s movie in which a family of mice travel to America “Where there are no cats and the streets are paved with cheese.” That’s not what they find when they get there. Things are just more subtle. But I do think we should aim for the ideal in which the law is just and applies to everyone.

    1. I’ve watched Lionheart, Pursuit of Happyness and some other movies which show black side of States but its for people who dont respect beauty of life.

  3. I can’t comment on the case you are referring to (but I heard about it), but as I see it we are all equal to law, regardless of wealth and power. At least hat is how it should be, and as you mention, it would be the case in Norway..

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