“Self-Made Warden”-My Screenplay 17th Page

(looking into Nick’s eyes)
In statment he didn’t mention that
he was drunk.
(looking at Jack)
Did you?
(no answer then he looks at Melissa)
Gimme statment’s copy.
(she hands him a page,he reads)
I was going to home from bar…
didn’t tell that he was drunk?

Melissa’s impressed.

Then…what it makes difference?

It makes,Mr Nick…I’m cop and
know that these little things
make a big difference some time…
Mr Jack hasn’t remembered that what
type of vehicle was used in kidnapp-
ing cuz he was drunk…he watched
him but hasn’t remembered cuz Mr Jack
was drunk…kidnapper knew cuz he
‘            was drunk…his homework’s compeleted.
Now we’ve to work,we’ve to arrest’m…
and if Mr Jack don’t cooparates with
us we can’t–we can’t arrest’m…
I know that he didn’t give that
some missed statement cuz he wanted
to hide something,e forgot to tell
cuz he was afraid.

He’s afraid yet.

But not like as was…my experience
learned me that afraid statments
change…as it’s changed now.

Few moments of pause.

Kidnapper didn’t kinnapped to Mr Jack
cuz its out of law.He kidnapped easily
cuz Mr Jack was drunk…
(again reads statmen’s page)
I ate that food and then got unconcious
or fall asleep,then opened my eyes
I was lying beside road…
(looks at Jack)
Means that you didn’t watched’m.
(Jack nods)
You didn’t hear’m…


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