What I Got

It’s a long story what I learned in city life in past three years but worst thing I gained is jealousy. I’ve been doing my best to control that because jealous kills your happiness, joy, health even your whole life. Its 2014 and full attempt is fight against jealousy, overcome this bad thing which has destroyed my personality and soul. I’ve not written a new post for many days so today I thought I should write something so I wrote one of my thoughts here. I shared my experience and opinion with you and am sure you guys would agree with me. Also I hope that you guys would have a great weekend. Nothing much to say more about my life or other things so I’d say good bye now.


5 thoughts on “What I Got”

  1. Afternoon Little Brother! 🙂
    I’ve been away from blogging so I hope your okay! 🙂
    Jealousy really is a curse little bro. It eats us from the inside out and only causes pain.
    When I was younger I was always jealous of this and that, but as I grew older and hopefully a little wiser I realised the poison it was and now don’t allow it to enter my life. 🙂
    When you conquer this you will be much happier. I hug you and hope you have a great week. Hugs Big Sis xxxxxxx

  2. Dear Nafees;

    As-salamu alaykum!

    I was touched by the honesty of your words in the blog post “What I Got”; it’s not so often we – as human Beings look at the apparently deep/dark feelings we so often face, as part of our time here on planet Earth. Isn’t it amazing that deep down, we all – regardless of colour, creed or country, face the same feelings as everyone else?
    I’d like to encourage you to continue to feel & look at those feelings, because more often or not, they can lead to insight and wisdom that we may need to guide us on our own particular path. I’m going to suggest and invite you to entertain a different understanding of your feelings around jealousy.
    Jealousy, as you mentioned can often be an overwhelming feeling that we try to control at all costs; it seems to kill the more pleasurable feelings of joy and well-being that we most favor. I’m going to suggest to you that if you sit with the feeling instead of trying to control it, you might be surprised that you can begin to understand it beyond the sociably acceptable opinions of others, which we so often listen to and believe.
    In most cases, we imagine jealousy as something that is bad – that we need to fight and overcome. I’m going to suggest to you that jealousy can be a signpost – a reminder to us that we have our own dreams/visions in life that we need to pursue and follow.
    For example: I might be jealous of someone who is in a loving relationship – initially it might bring up the torment of the fact that I am not in a relationship. I could judge this, try to avoid this feeling, try to pretend that it does not exist, wish it didn’t, I might even imagine it as a poison etc. etc. etc

    I could also see it as a reminder that deep within my own being there is also the same desire – to experience the joy of being/having a loving relationship.
    So rather than seeing jealousy as a bad thing – a poison, that needs to be judged and changed, I can see it as a natural “positive” feeling. I can decide to not judge the feeling and instead look at it closely so I can get in touch with the insight/desire/goal that is always at the heart of the feeling.

    Q. What does the feeling really represent?
    Q. What hidden dream, vision, desire or goal lies at the center of this apparently “bad” feeling?

    Inherently, every feeling is the source of an unmanifested insight, desire or goal; to get in touch with the deeper feeling can often bring deep insight, meaning and fulfillment to a life well lived. To be clear; if I’m jealous of someone or something I might ask the question:

    Q. What is it that THEY have that I want?
    Then take a look at the next step which is finding simple ways of moving towards that goal!
    Jealousy is NOT a bad feeling that should be judged or condemned; it’s simply our soul whispering to us that we have unfulfilled desires/dreams that have not been pursued or fulfilled!
    Who needs to have their horoscope read, when we have our own internal guidance inside!

    All the best for 2014 – may it be filled with the pursuit and realization of your most treasured jealousies!


    1. aw thanks a lot, Michael. I’m really really thankful to you for your time and such a nice comment. Most wonderful, amazing and concerned comment I ever had even I shouldn’t write it a comment but surely its more than a post. I agree with your lovely thoughts. Jealousy what I described about me isnt about relationship because I never had one, we’ve a totally different society here but I was and I’m jealous with people because of their living styles and I dont wanna be more but its hard, really hard when you’re here. Keep visiting. Thanks a lot, Michale.

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