Economy and The World

French actor moved to Russia because tax issue. I don’t know his name or real and whole story. One of my cousins told me that weeks ago.That’s a first thing which motivated me to write about that topic and also yesterday I heard a lot about around 85 richest people of the world who have most of whole money of the world. Developed nations and societies like America, Australia, Norway, Canada, UK etc have very good tax system which makes easier for everyone to enjoy its life. But when it comes to third world countries or even countries like Russia then it becomes hilarious. What the hell you would do with that much money. I don’t understand that. I don’t think so and believe so that a person should have that much money. That’s not bad and not a problem if he or she uses his or her wealth to do business which involves common people too. I’m not economist but its proved that for save and happy world people would have to think and take a step about. Money and happiness shouldn’t be bound to few people but everyone has right to live fully if it won’t hurt others.


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