Look Who’s Talking Hollywood Movie

Few days ago I woke up and sun hadn’t risen. I was so lazy to leave my bed. I turned tv on and they were showing a Hollywood movie Look Who’s Talking. That seemed boring but it thrilled and became exciting when young John Travolta appeared. The story is really cool especially for that time. Things about love and relationships. Family and romance. I thought surely it would be work of a woman or she must would be part of film-making so I checked imdb profile of the film then came to know that screenwriter and film director is Amy Heckerling who’s surely a woman lol. She nicely wrote and showed that what women want. The movie was released in 1989. Very long ago. But there is no doubt in this thing that Look Who’s Talking a great movie full of comedy and romance.


3 thoughts on “Look Who’s Talking Hollywood Movie”

  1. Morning Little brother, It really was a great movie!

    Glad you liked it. Staying in bed on the weekend is fun and you deserve a relaxing break. It makes the weekend feel like a weekend otherwise it feels like just another day! Sakura isn’t eating very well. At first she wasn’t drinking and now she’s not eating much so I’ve spent the morning sitting on the floor with her encouraging her to eat from my hand, which she did! Yay!! I’ve been getting so worried and it’s been upsetting me. If I have to feed her by hand till she feels she can eat by herself? then I will! 🙂 Have a wonderful day, hugs Big Sis xxxxxxx

    1. good to hear from you but so so sorry to hear about sakura. i wish she come back to her routine again 🙂 best wishes for you guys. thanks for everything

      1. Me too! It makes me worry too much. Today I sat on the floor and she ate some chicken from my hands. Not much but better than nothing. Love to you from both us. xxxx

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