Greeks and Art

Few years ago I read an article written by a Pakistani columnist that centuries ago when Greece was center of knowledge and learning then Greek emperors made separate cities for artists to live their lives as they want. It was responsibility of Greek government to take care of those artists. That thing gave the world something very wonderful amazing like Socrates etc. In short words I want to write that if any society has to grow then it has to promote, respect and love every form of art. That’s what developed and civilized nations do. I wrote a similar post weeks ago with title “art and world” or something like this. There is no rocket science involved in peace process but it can happen easily if we promote art and respect artists.


5 thoughts on “Greeks and Art”

  1. That is such an amazing thought. Art seems to be so unappreciated. I remember listening to Kid Rock talk about why it was wrong to pirate music. People don’t go into stores and steel stuff that other people make so why should people be allowed to steal the work of musicians, movie stars and writers?

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