Boston Legal-Have You Watched That TV Show?

For weeks I’ve not watched a movie I think. I really need to watch one. Nowadays I watch tv mostly. When they aren’t showing a film then I change channel and sometimes I see American tv shows such as Boston Legal, Arrow, One Three Hill, How I Met Your Mother etc. Mostly I watched playing Boston Legal. You know that why I don’t like that kind tv drama that they drag a scene too much. But I think people those tv dramas very much. Today one of my cousins gave me some movies including newly released blockbuster Frozen. I’ve great hopes from that film and soon I’m gonna watch that one. I believe that I’ll enjoy that animated movie. In past I didn’t like animation much except Up, How To Train Your Drag, Megamind etc but now I feel more interest for animated movies. So I’ll must give a chance to Frozen. But I don’t think so that I could ever watch Boston Legal.