Raining-A Pleasant Thing Just Happened

Yeah.It has been raining since last night and it so so lovely weather even when these are last days of winter and all around the world people are sick of cold winter, we’re have a good weather. Not much cold but pleasant. Nothing exciting happened in past days but raining affecting me nicely. People are happy as well. As Pakistan is a warm place mostly so people love rain even if they are not artists. It was so pleasant lying in my bed, body covered with blanket and listening voice of falling rain outside. Maybe it has been snowing on mountains which are far from the town few miles. Yea, surely even very little thing can make our lives exciting and amazing like this rain made mine. I’m really thankful to God for that gift. Town life is populated and full of pollution so you really need a rain in few weeks. I’ve nothing much to share so I’m writing this post. I’ve not watched a movie for many days except two Bollywood movies which I loved. Maybe now sometime I’ll have to write about them because I’ve no other topic to write and I hope I’ll not bore you. Best wishes


14 thoughts on “Raining-A Pleasant Thing Just Happened”

  1. It is funny how people see rain differently, you love it and us here we are fed up with it. Rain is really good and water is precious , so we should all love the rain.
    Take care and have a lovely day!

  2. Nice post. Although I live in part of Europe where we get all four seasons I learnt to love all of them regadless of what weather they bring. Because there’s nothing else you can do about it. It’s friggin’ wetaher and you cannot chnage it so why trip about something that is going to stay no matter how cranky it makes you and is completely out of your control.
    Some people here keep complaining and in fact no season is good for them (it is either too hot, or it is too cold, then it’s too gray and wet, too much rain, not enough rain, no sun – short days, too much sun – long days, etc…:-).
    Lot of people here also get affected by weather too much, for instance they get higher rate of peole diagnosed with depression in autumn. I say, just accept it and be greatful for whatever there is outside your window. It’s all just nature and nature is beautiful. 🙂

  3. thats so cool that you have four seasons otherwise what I know about europe is a really cold place but I love it and always want to visit that heaven on the earth. Have a great day

    1. Europe is a big continent and is not that cold in general, I would say. There is Southern Europe (Italy, Spain, Greece) with much higher average temperatures then the Northern Europe (Scandinavia, Baltic states, part of Russia). Here in Central Europe where I live (Czech Republic) we have beautiful hot summers for instance. The summers in Northern Europe are much shorter and their winters are longer with more snow and more cold. In South Europe the winters are mild, with hardly any freezing temperatures and summers are long and very hot. But from the point of view of someone living in tropics, like you, I agree that Europe may seem a cold place climatewise. 🙂

      1. wow thats so nice then. I’ve started dreaming about europe 😉 thanks a lot for your concern and time. Best wishes. Keep in touch 🙂

  4. Nafees nice to meet you.i am from south india.i still remember the day kerala people gave me that stern look when i clapped because shahid afridi hit a century against india.it is about cricket not nations right?it is about being passionate not dividing right?it is about being human not about indian or pakistan right?my best friends in colleges where muslims.so i now a lot about your religion,custom etc.i am really happy to see someone from pakistan who is so passionate about cricket and movies.And like andy says in shwshank redumption remember nafees hope is a good thing,may be the best of things,and no good thing ever dies.yes i have so many questions lurking my mind toask you like things could have been different but i will save it for another day when we become great friends.

  5. hey nafees,i am a rain lover here is what i wrote on it-http://sherinchelad.wordpress.com/2014/03/04/rain/

    picture abhi bhi bakhi he mere dosth ye toh interval hai 😆

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