Three Years Ago…

Right three years ago I left my village and started to live in town. A city life. Tough and challenging life. I got changed. My thoughts, my dreams, my views, big changes to life, love, friends, family, romance, relationships, dating etc. Everything got changed. I want to share a co-incident with you. When we left the village it was raining and it was series of raining. Now anniversary of moving and again it has been raining. In last three years every time in first week of February it had been raining. I’ve got huge and big experiences in last three years. I’ve learned a lot about life and about people. Someone said so true that love everyone but but don’t trust anybody. I’ve lost my trust. Its hard to trust people.


6 thoughts on “Three Years Ago…”

  1. Hi. I would amend the statement from “Love everybody but don’t trust anybody” to “Love everybody but don’t trust everybody.” The good news is that there is One who will never disappoint us. He is faithful even when we are faithless (2 Timothy 2: 13). But as for people, they will always disappoint us.

  2. Been there, done that. Not fun, but it builds character. Life isn’t meant to be easy, but hard to help us become who we are supposed to be. You are a good man, keep it up.

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