My Cat’s Monthly Birthday

Actually its not my cat’s birthday but its monthly anniversary of her life with us. On 9th September 2013 I took a photo of her. Maybe that was her second or third day with us and then she was few weeks old. She’s a great trouble for us now lol. A while ago a street cat was beating her. Street cat is much bigger than her. That street cat has been known to us for around three years. She comes at night and spends night then early morning leaves but now she got another partner which is my sweet kitten. I don’t have fast internet so I can’t upload recent picture my kitten. But tomorrow I’ll must take some photos of her for memory and when I get faster internet then I’ll upload the pictures. I hope you guys would have some awesome plans for your weekend but I don’t have one. But thanks God that He given me a sweet cat and I spend quality time with her. An innocent and harmless friend she is. Have a great weekend, guys 🙂


10 thoughts on “My Cat’s Monthly Birthday”

  1. Aw, how sweet… there really is nothing like a cat around the home is there? I remember when we got our cat just over a year ago, a mere kitten – I was so overjoyed to have this small little critter come into our lives… and I still love him, he is very sweet natured… and he will play-fight with only me 🙂 x

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