I’ve Been ILL

Yeah. I’ve been suffering from fever for four days. Thanks God that feeling a bit better now but past days were so hard especially for me to lay on bed constantly because I walk 15 km/day averagely. There is no doubt in doubt in this thing that health is wealth, health is gold and health is more vital than diamonds because once you lose it then you can’t get it before time. That’s why I couldn’t wish Valentine’s Day to you guys. I’m sorry. But I hope that you had great time with your beloved ones even single ones like me would have spent good time on bed or with their Family, relatives or friends. What I can say more that have a great Sunday and best wishes for all of you guys.


16 thoughts on “I’ve Been ILL”

  1. It’s good to read you are doing better, brother, Thank God. By the way, your walks of an average of 15km a day is impressive! Well done. I only jog 5km two or three times a week, and I already thought that’s quite a lot. I should try to do more.

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