10 Days of Illness

Yeah. I’ve been ill for around ten days. Still I’m not totally well but not suffering from fever. Very hard time I spent. I can’t explain my feelings and my emotions in words but I really wish that I could but it would be really hard to explain and harder for you guys to understand so lets sum up here. Also there are some good news for me. I’m changing and life is changing too. That happens automatically that when you change yourself then your life changes too. Still I’ve many things like pimples all over my body especially chest and back. They got red now and soon they will be disappeared. I’ve to be cautious and careful about health. I can’t eat spicy foods. That’s okay, I don’t like spicy foods. I’ve not watched a movie for days. I think I should watch one.


10 thoughts on “10 Days of Illness”

  1. Nafees, you are such a nice man and it’s a shame that you’re not feeling 100% better yet. Yes, I also agree health is wealth. A wonderful blessing people take for granted until it is compromised. In your previous post you mentioned you walked approximately 9 miles per day. One thing is to stay in the shade not exposed to prolong heat to reduce fever, if you can.

    Ten days is a long time to be ill without medical treatment. I use doctors, hospitals, pharmacist as a last resort to save money whenever possible but you know your body better than anybody else on the planet so it’s up to you to make the final call on whether or not to seek further treatment. Only you know the answer to the question: “Can I power through this or not?”

    If you feel like you can care for yourself at home. The internet can help you in these types of situations by trying to resolve the issue on your own. You can try reputable sources such as “http://www.wikihow.com/Cure-a-Fever-at-Home” which provides tips and also shows a video on placing cool NOT cold washcloths on both wrist, under the arms, forehead, and over the groin. I will keep you in my prayers and may you be restored to good health as soon as possible. xo

    1. aw thanks a lot, Kerry. I really really apprecaite your concern, time and kindness for me. I visited doc and took medicine too but you know most of times illness is a process which takes its time to recover. I’m feeling better now. No fever and no more weakness but you still I need some time to recover fully. Your words given me so much energy and power. Thank you very very much, Kerry. Best wishes

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