When I Feel Like Home?

Most of times I feel like I’m in jungle. No human is with me. I’m alone. I’m surrounded by things who don’t understand me. I’m surrounded by insects who can harm me. I’m surrounded by snakes. I’m surrounded by beasts. So I’ve take every step very cautiously. That thing makes me feel so uncomfortable. But when I watch a lovely movie then I don’t feel alone. I feel that yeah there’s someone else who thinks like me, who acts like me and who feels like me so am not alone. I feel like home. I feel safe. I feel comfortable. Movie characters are hard to find in real life. Even character makers are rare. But they are people I wanna be around and with. But I know that its not possible. It won’t happen. I’ve to live as it is. I’ve survive as it is. I tried to change things but couldn’t. I tried to run away but fell down. I can’t give up but I can’t try either. Life is more difficult than The Shawshank. Redemption isn’t that so easy. Even people live in jungles so I’ve to live too. But difference is that beasts in jungles aren’t that much cunning as much as beasts in cities are. That’s why its really hard to survive here. I don’t wanna be a beast but I’ll have to be one of them if I’ve to survive among them. Lets see what happen next but only hope now I’ve is God. Only Him motivates me to not give up.