Cricket-My First Crush in Sports

Yeah. Cricket is my first crush in sports. Which is second one, I’ll write another post. I love playing and watching cricket. I always say that watching movies is for my soul and playing cricket is for my body. You know that a happy life is combination of a healthy soul and sound body. They work like team members. They support each other when one is down. Nowadays I’ve been so I’ve nothing much to do but watching tv. I don’t enjoy watching movies on tv but I love it on my pc. So I watched sports and current affairs channels most of time. Especially channels showing cricket and wrestling. I tell you here that my second love in sports is wrestling. I’m huge fan of John Cena. WWE is a huge entertainment for me. But I should talk about cricket here which is my blood because my dad used to play cricket and still it is his most favorite sport. I love watching and playing cricket from my childhood. When I was village then I had plenty of time so I spent most of time in playing cricket, watching movies and reading books etc. All I want to tell you guys that now I’ll write about cricket too. As you know that cricket is my passion too. Have an awesome weekend, guys.


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