Frozen Won The Oscar

Yeah. Animated movie Frozen have the Oscar. Now I’m more keen to watch that film. This morning I heard that in news. There were some other news too but not my interest or I don’t know about those actors and actresses. Still more to come so lets what happen next. If I compare Tangled and Frozen. I’ve watched both of films partially. I more liked Tangled. But I’m not a big official critic so my opinion won’t matter much but still I’ve right express my thoughts. There is no doubt in this thing that winning an Oscar is dream of every film related person but lucky ones get it. Best wishes to those who got awards and better luck next time to them who couldn’t win Oscar. I hope you guys have a great weekend.


6 thoughts on “Frozen Won The Oscar”

  1. They’re both good films in their own right. Although, I think I like Frozen a little more than Tangled. You definitely need to watch the entire movie. “Let It Go” also won for best song. Frozen is the first Disney movie in a while that kept me thinking about it days after I saw it in the theater. Worth the time.

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