Changes in My Life and My Thoughts

I’m over 28 now. I’m changed and improved now. Things I learned. Lessons I got. So here I’m. At younger age all I wanted was fame and appreciation but now after knowing worth of people and this world, all I want peace and distance from society. There is a lovely poetry in Urdu to express my thoughts. I’d love to write it here and translate in English:

Bulandion ki haqeeqat sey aashna ho kar,

Barhy khuloos sey pasti khareed li mein ney.

Translation: After knowing reality of heights, I purchased downfall sincerely.

I think poet wants to tell that its hard to deal with fame especially for artists. They are different souls. Non-materialistic. Sincere and generous most of times. That’s what I believe about artists. So I was telling you guys that it’s a change that I got with time passing. Jealousy was a big challenge for me in past two years but now I’ve overcome it enoughly. Trying to focus on what I need to do and what I need to get in my life. No useless things.


8 thoughts on “Changes in My Life and My Thoughts”

  1. Naffees, I feel very happy that you have learnt about the lessons of life this early in life. There is nothing better than leaning and moving on in life. All that is important is hard work and there is no substitution for that and no work is demeaning or bad, honest work is all praise worthy. Good wishes for you. I love these poetry lines that you have written.

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