Frozen-A Lovely Animated Movie

I watched Frozen and loved it. It was so amazing and fantastic to watch that beautiful animation and fantasy. Story of Frozen is so catchy and unique type like Tangled. But even this review about Frozen but I’d love to write still Tangled is more awesome film than Frozen for me. It was so nice to see and listen when the princesses talk in poetry. Snowman is a funniest character of Frozen. There is no doubt in this thing that idea of true love’s kiss is amazing even can apply in real life. We all have frozen with different stages so we all need true love kisses to recover. It is a fact that lovely movie and awesome story Frozen is.  But still when I compare it with Tangled, I prefer second one. A big reason is that in Frozen they showed winter and snow most of time. No greenery, no forests and no other my favorite natural beauties. But in Tangled they showed lovely forests most of time. That’s superb awesome for me to see that. Both stories are wonderful and catchy especially when it comes to story then I’d love to write that Frozen has stronger one. That’s not an animated film for kids but even aged ones can enjoy and can learn something from it. I’m sure about that. I always write that movies are great lessons most of times. At the end I’d love to recommend both of those movies. But I’m sure that you guys would have watched them already.


4 thoughts on “Frozen-A Lovely Animated Movie”

  1. “We all have frozen with different stages so we all need true love kisses to recover.”

    I’ve read a lot of reviews of the movie, and even wrote one myself, but this is the first time anyone put it quite this way. I think that’s a wonderful way of stating one of the things that is so magical about the movie.

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