The Call-An Awesome Crime Thriller

Few weeks ago I was watching a tv program and the anchor recommended The Call with Halle Berry. Last night I watched the movie and loved it. That’s a great story and everyone acted awesomely especially Halle Berry. No doubt she’s incredible actress in Hollywood film industry. Story isn’t much unique. You can say that The Call is a typical story which is about a psycho killer but awesome thing about film is that they made is so professionally. IMDB profile of the film shows that it is a crime thriller but I think they should add another genre which is horror. That movie really scared me while I was watching it. Honestly I got scared like a kid. I’d love to appreciate screenwriter and director of the film. I got so emotional while I was watching the scene when 911 operator (Halle Berry) gets bio data of the kidnapped girl and tells her that she’s amazed to know that she is a Capricorn like her. Capricorn people are born to fight. That sentenced caught my attention and feelings because I’m Capricorn too. I think they should include that movie in course of police studies. Police and other security agencies should work like that to rescue innocent people from evil.


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