Love Is Magic

I won’t hesitate to write that love is a magic. You can’t see love, you can’t touch love, you can’t hear love, you can’t speak to love but you can feel it. You can feel love with your heart. You can feel love with your soul. Only thing I love about India is that no one can love like an Indian. Pakistani and Indian people aren’t much different. I’ve not mentioned Pakistani people here because most of you guys aren’t much aware about Pakistan but you’d have some information about India and Indian society values. My topic is love but no one can better explains and understands this topic but Sub Continent. I experienced magic of love in my life and in Bollywood movies. Hm, Hollywood hasn’t impressed me regarding romantic movies. I really really love Bollywood romantic films and songs. They take me away. Its age to love, its time to chill, its season to find my other half, this is moment to have no fear and its time to jump in life again. I’m hurt. No medicine can work. So I need magic of love which can heal me. That can heal everyone. I can feel that love is in the air but I’ve to get it. Have a great weekend, guys.


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