Hitch- Will Smith Movie

I watched romantic comedy Hitch starring Will Smith years ago but yesterday I watched the movie for few minutes again and I loved it again. Romance and comedy together. Enough entertaining film I saw in months. Smith played leading role but the other funny character really amused me and I’m sure that everyone of you would have loved the movie too especially the funny character. That’s a message too that do what you’re actually. That’s what you can do in your life especially in love and relationship things. Its always easy to be with nature so act natural and do what suits your nature. Things will get get better.

Eva Mendis looked pretty. Kevin James acted so well to make viewers laugh. Natural acting he showed so deserve appreciation and admiration. There is no doubt in this thing that Hitch is a great Hollywood film which is full of romance and comedy. Special part is funny which I don’t enjoy usually when it comes from Hollywood film industry because I always write that they aren’t good at this genre. In short words you guys haven’t seen the movie then you’ve missed an awesome peace of art so don’t miss it anymore. Give that a chance. Love has no rocket science. That’s what you will learn while you view Hitch. Have a great weekend guys.


4 thoughts on “Hitch- Will Smith Movie”

  1. I agree with your review, this was a fun and special movie, Nafees! sorry I have been so busy but will catch up on a few of your posts today! Smiles, Robin

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