Ram Leela-Most Recent One Which Almost Made Me Cry

Many of Bollywood and Hollywood movies made me cry and now Ram Leela has become one of those. I always write that I love happy ending movies and stories but most of filmmakers make sad ending movies. I can’t blame them because they have to earn money and usually sad ending films earn lots of money. Lets talk about Ram Leela-Golion Ki Ras Neela. That’s an romantic action movie. Ranvir and Depika acted awesomely. Story is so real. That happens and can happen in real life. You’d be agreed with me if you’re Indian or Pakistani person or you know well about these two societies. Tough and strict society values. Low civic sense. Lots of other matters which are commonly seen in a dead society. I didn’t expect that sad ending but it happened. But overall I loved the film. Lovely songs and music. That would be fiction for other people but for me its like a real story. I see happening those things in my daily life. But it could be a fiction for me if they would have made it a happy ending film.


8 thoughts on “Ram Leela-Most Recent One Which Almost Made Me Cry”

  1. Dear Nafees,

    I hope all is well in your world my friend, sadly I have not seen you on here lots lately.

    Take care,

      1. Dear Nafees, it is nice to see you back. I am sorry you are not completely well but I believe in you. Sadly I found my baby girl my dear cat lying motionless in the garden, she sadly passed. Best wishes to you too and please keep in touch x

  2. I would like to see this, unfortunately the last Bollywood film I saw was awhile ago. It was the very well done, “Slumdog Millionaire.” I felt it was very interesting, scary and exciting. Take care my friend! Robin

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