Best Job Interview Ever

First awesome thing happened today was raining. Wow. Lovely and awesome. I kept listening fall of raining. That voice was magical and mind blowing. Especially when rain drops were falling on the tree in our house. Second nice thing of today was my job interview. When I left home for interview place then it was raining heavily. Wow. I waited long for interview at the place then related person came and started the process. As I was first person who reached there so first he interviewed me. A nice conversation during an interview I ever had. We said formal hello hi then.

Officer: How you doing?

Me: Fine.

Officer: Whats your qualifcation?

Me: B.A

He looked at my CV for a while.

Officer: So why you quited your studies after B.A?

Me: I wanted to go abraod so I tried but all in vain. You can see in my CV that I’ve taken TOEFL iBT too.

Officer: So you taken TOEFL. How much bands?

Me: That’s not band system but there 120 numbers total and I secured 70.

Officer: As you taken TOEFL you can speak English so do it…Tell me about you.

I srated to talking in English.

Me: I’m Nafees. I’ve done bechalor degree and Urdu Literature is main subject. Actually I’m very interested in literature. I love to watch movies and music. Also I love raining and snow fall.

Officer: So you like lierature…Tell me a bit about your studies?

Me: Sorry?

Officer: First you did FSc in Pre Engneering and then Urdu Literature. Whys is that?

Me: First I wanted to join navy or air force and you know that they require science subjects. So I studied those subjects. But later I changed my mind as I learned myself that what I needed to do so I studied Urdu Literature.

Officer: So you chaned your mind.

Me: Yeah. As I told you that I love literature. Actually I’m a poet myself?

Officer: You’re poet? Cool. So Can I have some of your poetry?

Me: Sure. Why not

Then I expressed my most recent poetry which I’ve written on my blog too in most recent post as you can read it. He heard.

Officer: Good…Have you any experience?

Me: Some online work. Content writing. I’ve a blog too. Also worked in two shops.

Officer: What you used to write about and which shops you worked on?

Me: That was SEO writing. Mostly articles about dresses. Recently I worked on a button and general store where most of stuffs is rlated to clothes and dresses.

Officer:.Okay. We’ll confirm later. You can go now.

Me: Can I go?

Officer: Yes.

Then I left. Rain had stopped but it left lovely weather out there and I was so happy even its not confirmed that I got the job or not but I enjoyed my job interview.


8 thoughts on “Best Job Interview Ever”

  1. It’s great that you enjoyed the day and interview. Most people are just anxious on those kind of days! 🙂

    By the way, what job were you applying for over there?

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