Request To White House and CIA

I don’t write about political issues but also a sensible person cant be untouched with these kind of things and issues because if we do then we hide our voice which isnt right I think. Also you guys would be known about Socrates’ famous quote about politics. Worst things have been happening in Pakistan since yesterday. You can see on tv and over the internet.


I don’t need to write details because relative people like White House and CIA better know about what they said regarding democracy in Pakistan. I know they doing that in great interest of America but if they support fair politicians in Pakistan then it could be better not only for Pakistan but for whole world. There is no doubt in this thing that majority of Pakistanis is corrupt and has low civic sense so they need a better leader. Not a corrupt. Now Pakistanis have been doing their best to go to other countries for earning money so if they would have a suitable conditions then why they won’t do that. Also you should know that mostly corrupt people get succeed in migration because they misuse the system and become wealthier to go abroad. But a talented person cant do that because he or shes honest too.


Not only in Pakistan, but in every part of the world White House and CIA should play a global role which could be beneficial for whole world. There;s no rocket science. That’s so simple. Promote honesty and fairness. No technology and no money can give peace to societies but honesty, love, sympathy, humanity can save this world. So promote those qualities and people with those qualities. Also I know that its not that easy to do but its only best way to bring peace and love on the earth. I love and admire American, European, Canadian, Australian people. You know why I do that. Because they have civic sense, they are peaceful, they like honesty, they love humanity, they promote moral values etc. Have a great weekend, guys