Conversation From A Drama With Deep Meanings

I can’t forget a meaningful and interesting conversation from a Pakistani tv drama which I watched more than ten years ago. That’s between a cop (writer of the drama too) and a gangster of the drama. Gangster man says to the cop “Arent you afraid of me? I can make you uniform-less”. “ I tell you a story” Cop says. “Once a ghost appeared in front of a man but that man didn’t get afraid of the ghost. The ghost was wondered. “Why you’ve not got scared of me” The ghost asked the man. “Why I should be scared of you” The man asked him. “Because I can take your life” The ghost tried to scar that man. “All problem is this life, if I won’t have this then I’d be a ghost like you. Man said calmly. “ So all problem is this uniform” Cop says. “If I won’t have the uniform I’m a notorious man like you”. The cop left the gangster speechless.

I’ve learned much from that conversation and story. That’s real difference between me and my society. I wanna get rid of my homeland that I don’t wanna be like my people but once I decide to act like them then I won’t have a problem in living with them because then I’d be like them. But now it sucks, sucks a lot to be with them.


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