Germany-Whats Awesome About?

Today I chatted on Facebook with my first cousin whos in Germany for studies. He has been in there for around three months I think. I asked him few questions about life there. He said that everything is fine there except he has a little bit problem in mixing up with other people because of language. He can’t speak German and most of German people don’t speak English. I didn’t want to waste his vital time but I had many questions about German and Europe. I’d love to hear his experiences. A thing I couldn’t ask him was German weather. Its very hot here so I wanted to ask him that how he found weather there. I’ll ask him later. My best wishes and prayers are with him.


5 thoughts on “Germany-Whats Awesome About?”

  1. I was so glad to see Germany win the World Cup! You need to ask him what it was like over there when they won. 🙂

  2. Hello my little brother, how’s things?
    That’s great that your cousin has gone there. I’ve only been to Munich and went to Dachau to see the concentration camp. I know that sounds depressing but it’s a bit part of history and I’m glad I went there. I loved the food and the people were very friendly. I went around Christmas time and it was freezing. Now the weather should be okay. But much cooler than it would be in Pakistan.
    Love to you, Big Sis xxxx

    1. Hi big sis. how you doing? long time no see. its good to see you again and hope things are better now. its nice to know that you loved Germany and German people. Love to you too, my sweet big sis

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