Germany-Whats Awesome About?

Today I chatted on Facebook with my first cousin whos in Germany for studies. He has been in there for around three months I think. I asked him few questions about life there. He said that everything is fine there except he has a little bit problem in mixing up with other people because of language. He can’t speak German and most of German people don’t speak English. I didn’t want to waste his vital time but I had many questions about German and Europe. I’d love to hear his experiences. A thing I couldn’t ask him was German weather. Its very hot here so I wanted to ask him that how he found weather there. I’ll ask him later. My best wishes and prayers are with him.


5 thoughts on “Germany-Whats Awesome About?

  1. I was so glad to see Germany win the World Cup! You need to ask him what it was like over there when they won. 🙂

  2. Hello my little brother, how’s things?
    That’s great that your cousin has gone there. I’ve only been to Munich and went to Dachau to see the concentration camp. I know that sounds depressing but it’s a bit part of history and I’m glad I went there. I loved the food and the people were very friendly. I went around Christmas time and it was freezing. Now the weather should be okay. But much cooler than it would be in Pakistan.
    Love to you, Big Sis xxxx

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