Request To My Readers

First of all thank you very very much for reading my blog and commenting too. But I’d ask you visit my blog too. You read and like that on WordPress and you guys don’t open my post in a new tab so this is why they don’t count it as a visit. I need visits as I’ve ads on my blog so your visits count and matter to me so please whenever read my post then open it in a new tab. Your time and visits would be beneficial for me. I hope you guys understand. Thanks a lot again for your love and support.


4 thoughts on “Request To My Readers”

  1. Hi, I must admit that I don’t read all of your post But the ones I read, I read carefully.
    I think your blog is amazing and a real contribution fof WordPress 😉

  2. hi, i have to admit that i read your blog via the wordpress reader and seldom go to your blog itself. this is because it downloads very quick in the reader, but there is a slight delay to download your site. one way to get people to go to your blog is to not post the full article on the reader, you can do that by using that button (it is called ‘insert read more tag’) that cuts out the rest of the article from appearing in wordpress reader.

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