What Women Want-Part 2

No. I’m not. I’m not talking Hollywood movie “What Women Want” but I want to relate my post with film because both of these have same subject and topic. I think you guys would have read and heard a lot about that topic so I don’t need to write details but I’d love to express my thoughts in short words that what women want actually. Financial and physical security is first priority for Asian women mostly. Western women want family oriented men in their lives who make them their life partner and love to care their kids. I think every person and every woman wants to seem and called beautiful physically but actually that’s not what she expects from her partner. She wants to be admired for her soul, heart and feelings things which everyone can’t see or feel. But unfortunately more than 90% of men don’t care about inner beauty and they prefer physical beauty. Women know that their physical beauty wont be forever so its not a thing they can trust while building a relationship so they prefer and want men in their lives which admire their inner beauty more than physical attractiveness. Every woman wants unconditional and unshared love.


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