EPS TOPIK-New Challenge of My Life

EPS TOPIK means Employment Permit System Test of Proficiency in Korean. South Korea has a visa lottery system which allows different people from different countries from Asia to work there even Chinese citizens apply for that. Fortunately I’m selected by that program and now all I’ve to do is passing EPS TOPIK. Only luck and hard work can help me to get what I want. That’s not an easy task. Many of guys have failed the test. But thanks to God that I got enough time to get prepared and improve my Korean. Luck can work too as test contains mcqs you know so luck matters a lot I think. But also I’ve to improve Korean as much as I can. Fortunately I’ve been enjoying a lot to learn that strange language and it has been seeming so interesting to me. EPS TOPIK is a great thing introduced by Korean government which helps need people to make their lives better. Everyone has right to live a happy life. Thanks a lot to South Korea


8 thoughts on “EPS TOPIK-New Challenge of My Life”

  1. Yes, they do darling little brother! I wish you all the best in preparing for the test.
    Your determined to try and make your life better, and that’s all we can do little brother. The rest lies in fate and luck as you put it. Keep practicing and visualize passing the test and going to Korea. The art of positive thinking. I hug you and hope your enjoying the weekend. Hugs Big Sis. xxxxx

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