2nd Road Accident-Biker Hit Me This Time

Today a MF sonovwhitch biker with speed of above 80 km/h speed hit me from behind. I was out of town with my villager guy to get him admission so I left my Korean class to go with him then that bad thing happened. No bleeding but surely fractures on arm and leg as they arent working properly couldn’t work properly for few days, arm could take more time I think because the bike hit me with high speed. Two teenager guys were on bike hit me and ran away like bullet. I feel on left side of road. Then stood but pain and anger had covered me fully. I was stunned because road was empty, no other vehicle was coming or going. He did that intentionally, seemed like a murder attempt. I asked my the guy had he noted number plate of the bike. He couldn’t because of speed, he said. Even if he tried maybe they had no number plate as it’s a common thing here in Pakistan that people run bikes even when they don’t have legal documents and authority to drive it. Two years ago same thing happened when a vehicle hit me. Interesting thing is that when that accident happened we were in middle of a police station and two cops on bike. Station was about 300 meters behind and cops were about 100 meters ahead of us. But I couldn’t report because those ..ucking guys were disappeared in seconds. I had no description and informative data about them except they teenager students with blue shirts. So report thing was useless to do


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